Modern Canvas-Disappointed!!!

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I purchased a voucher from Groupon for Modern Canvas.I placed the order on 01/05/13.

I received a couple of emails requesting to give them some time and be patient. I called the number listed on the confirmation of my order and the number has been disconnected. I did an add-on to my order that was not part of the Groupon voucher. Fortunately Groupon did refund me what I paid to them, so I'm not out a lot.

It's too bad that this company is so unethical.This does not include the cost of the photos taken to put on the canvas.

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Modern Canvas - Canvas rip off!

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Not resolved

provided "Danny" with images for canvas - went to see them in Omaha and they did not turn out well because of photo quality so emailed him different images from a professional photographer - never hear back from him again - he gave me his personal email even and told me to email it to him, he also said he was bombarded with orders from a groupon, and mind you this all took place over 6 months.I gave this as a wedding gift as well!!!

feel so bad!

now the number is disconnected and can't get ahold of anyone!very upset.

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Salt Lake City, Utah 0 comments

THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD!!They promised canvases and kept asking for more time and patience to complete the ordered canvas.

Four months after my order, I checked the website and the only information is "business is closed." They took the money and ran. This man "Danny" should be prosecuted. I do not understand why it take 100 words to let you know that this company is a fraud and you should never do business with them. They promised that the canvases would be coming, but would be late, so they could stall and be outside the 45 day limit for a dispute to be filed with Paypal.

Do not be stopped by this, Paypal will issue an exception for this sham of a company.

Modern Canvas - Also a victim


I was also a victim of this scam.I had purchased a canvas from modern camvas that was supposed to be a chrisrnas gift actually felt bad for the guy when he responded to my emails because he sounded like he was trying but overwhelmed with orders.

I had purchased it through groupon. I am now upset because I have purchased many things from groupon. I can't even contact modern canvas anymore because the website says the store is closed and I can't contact them.

I am extremely disappointed because I trusted and believed the responses that modern canvas emailed me.What now?

Modern Canvas - Horrible Company - STAY AWAY!!

Omaha, Nebraska 0 comments

This company is a joke and Danny, the owner is either a scammer or an ***!They are located in Omaha, NE.

It appears the guy works out of his home. He can't blame the "success" of his Groupon special, because he ran a Living Social special right after that, then continued to post add'l specials on his website, i.e. CyberMonday specials. He keeps taking in money, but produces no products.

The company has an F rating from BBB. They've only been in business a short time and they have 40 BBB complaints, most of which they didn't even bother to respond to. My purchase was through Living Social, and while they did give me a refund, they were not apologetic in the least.

I cancelled by Living Social subscription.Don't they check these companies out???

Modern Canvas - Also angry about the scam through Groupon

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Purchased canvas from Modern Canvas.Contacted them several times and each time they said they would be shipping it out that day.

Of course, I have not seen it. This was a Groupon purchase. I should have figured it out sooner I guess. What will Groupon do about this?

It is difficult to make this a 100 word complaint, since it is quite simple. I was dooped!

I understand that Modern Canvas was very overwhelmed by the huge response to the groupon ad.

However, do you anticipate that will happen when put something out on the web like that.I feel very taken advantage of.

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Madison, Wisconsin, United States #631282

This company is a joke and Danny, the owner is either a scammer or an ***!They are located in Omaha, NE.

It appears the guy works out of his home. He can't blame the "success" of his Groupon special, because he ran a Living Social special right after that, then continued to post add'l specials on his website, i.e. CyberMonday specials. He keeps taking in money, but produces no products.

The company has an F rating from BBB.

They've only been in business a short time and they have 40 BBB complaints, most of which they didn't even bother to respond to.Groupon and Living Social don't check these companies out???

Modern Canvas - Missing Canvas

Not resolved

Update by user Mar 02, 2013


Original review posted by user Mar 02, 2013

I too was a victim of a scam.Living Social had a coupon to get a 16x20 canvas.

I purchased this and sent in my order in October 2012. Here it is March 2013 still not canvas. I too got a few emails saying it was completed and was provided two times with an hour and half time to make it to west Omaha. I didn't receive the email until after the two dates provided.

I drove way out to west Omaha a week later to the State farm bureau where he told me to pick it up - 169th and Harrison.....there were three canvas's there - and none of them were mine. Mr. Danny (the owner) packed up shop. Living Social does not have a way to get hold of them to get a refund.

Not a happy customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should have known when I tried to call them to follow up the voicemail said "we are spending time with family and will return your call" which never happened.I did file a claim with the better business bureau.

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Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #618449

I too got scammed!Danny keeps email promising they've shipped ...FOR WEEKS NOW!

I also purchased in Oct 2012!

Will also be filing w/BBB!

to JMR La Vista, Nebraska, United States #619324

I did get a refund through paypal today. After getting an email from him this past Monday saying he was putting all the canvas's in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a happy customer now.

Modern Canvas - Poor ownership + being ignored = Bad busness

San Leandro, California 24 comments
Not resolved

On April 24, 2012 my boyfriend purchased a Living Social deal for Modern Canvas for me. A 16x20 Canvas print. I sent in the info with the picture I wanted to print and waited for my canvas. I received numerous emails from Danny the owner stating that the printer went down and they were going to redo my canvas. Which was no big deal. I understand things happen. But on July 11, 2012 I sent a personal email questioning my status on my canvas. So by July 17th, Danny said my order was on its way. Well here it is July 31st and still no Canvas. I have emailed and called daily, but no response. I am getting really frustrated because this order is already paid for. Shipping too. I just want my Canvas!

I would love to have my canvas and a full refund. This is really ridiculous on how this business is run. Even his voice mail says Danny will return your call within 24 hours. What a joke!

As of 08/27/2012 I received my Canvas with no letter of apology or anything!

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If you look them up on google- it says the store is now CLOSED!Keep contacting Groupon or Living Social and inform them that they are not closed.

Hopefully that will help get your money back. I still can't believe Danny threatened ME with a lawsuit because I posted a comment on their facebook page and how I wanted my money back and how horrible their company was.

Serves him right!I told him he would go out of business in NO TIME!

Provo, Utah, United States #615053

I ordered two canvases and paid for expedited shipping in October and haven't received anything, although I've been told three times that they're in the mail.I'm genuinely an optimistic person and really want to have these prints (or the $73 back).

I can buy the story that they got in over their heads, but the whole scenario has caused me to lose some faith in humanity.I hope they'll still come through for me, but it is more likely that I'm just a sucker.

to Giving Up? Fort Collins, Colorado, United States #617870

Send complaints to the State of Nebraska Attorney General's Office @ They are investigating this company for fraud and running an illegal business.

Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #612164

I just filed a complaint with the BBB hoping my canvas, paid for and ordered in October 2012, might show up after sharing my frustration with them.I'll be calling my CC company next to see if I can dispute the charge.

This is utterly rediculous!He took our money!

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #611556

Same story.Ordered 4 12 x 12 canvases thru Groupon.

First one billed wrong, got it fixed--never received canvas. Next 3: 2 billed wrong--can't get refund for the value of the Groupon. None are good quality. I have called and e-mailed--no response.

I drove to their Tulsa address--the company there actually has a sign on the door asking Groupon customers not to bug them because the address is wrong on-line.

I am trying to get refunds thru PayPal and will next go to Groupon.This guy does not deserve new customers!

Denver, Colorado, United States #611315

Same story from me....we purchased the living social deal for the canvas, submitted our photo in October 2012 and are still waiting to receive it.

:( Danny will not return phone calls or emails. A few weeks ago he told me to get a refund through Living Social, but since the coupon expired and he has been paid, the refund needs to come from him.... which I assume will never happen. I just want my canvas or $25 back.

I'm so angry about this horrible company! I'm at a loss of what to do now....

thinking we need to all file a lawsuit against him/Modern Canvas.Any thoughts on how to get my money back folks?!!

to Modern Canvas is a scam #631302

That is complete BS.You absolutely will get your money back from Living Social.

It is their responsibility. Living Social and Danny from Modern Canvas both made money, but Living Social is who you have to go after. They finally refunded my money, but I cancelled my subscription and will NEVER purchase anything thru LIving Social again. They were not sympathetic and really could have cared less with no apology except for a canned response "we are sorry you were not happy with your order".

Don't give up - get that refund.!! Refer Living Social to the BBB in Omaha, NE (that is their "location" even though Danny works out of his home.) They have an F rating with 40 complaints, 39 of them classified as serious and they didn't even bother to respond to 32. Use that as collateral for Living Social.

It is THEIR responsibility to make sure they are doing business with reputable companies.Good luck!

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #593960

The same thing happened to me.I suggest we start a class action lawsuit against this company for breach of contract and fraud.

Anyone else interested?

to Wheres my canv***? Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #598358

Im game - power to the people.

This company is a scam

to Anonymous #601475

I just received a refund from Groupon.

With a note:

We are still trying to reach a resolution for outstanding issues with Modern Canvas, but unfortunately we have not been able make contact with them over the past week.

to Wheres my canv***? #613615

I'm in. How do we get this started. I'm still waiting for my canvas after months of emails and phone calls and no response.......:(

to Wheres my canv***? New Prague, Minnesota, United States #626915

I am still waiting for 3 canvases! At this point I just want my money back. Let me know what I can do to help!

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #591905

Hi there!I agree with you!

This company is a joke! I bought a groupon in September so I could get a canvas done for my sister-in-law for christmas. Sent in the picture, Danny emailed me back saying the picture wasn't good so send him another one. I found another one and emailed to him and never heard anything back.

So I emailed again, again, and again. Finally someone emailed me back saying I had to go onto the website and submit it blah blah blah so I did then nothing. The website said the order went through but I still havent heard anything from the company. I kept requesting a status but they kept responding with "oh we're so busy due to the holiday season that we can't respond to your inquiries" such ***!

So anyway I complained to groupon and got a refund because I was sooo sick of trying to deal with this awful company!This is the worst company I have ever seen!!!


Same thing here, no responses or being lied to. Who has the link for their facebook page, maybe this will get me my canvas. I don't want to post on the wrong company page.

Plymouth, Minnesota, United States #590480

Thanks, but now they are not allowing people to post anything on their facebook page.I have contacted them over and over again but no response.

I will be contacting living social for a refund and also BBB because this is ridiculous!!2 months and nothing from them and they try to act like they had this crazy response to a deal they posted recently, but it seems there have been complaints much longer than when this deal was run.

to Mad #591422

Here is another number that goes to the owners cell phone and you can leave messages letting him know just how pissed you are and that his scam is coming to an end. (402) 305-9639, you can find this on the Better Business Bureau website by searching Modern Canvas and then looking under additional phone numbers. Please call until he gets back to you as I will be doing the same.

to Mad Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #591561

Just got through on the cell number posted and he got mad at ME for complaining.Well, they win.

I give up.

No canvas is worth this and then to have to remember this run around every time I look at it.Good luck to the rest of you.

Denver, Colorado, United States #579480

Yep, same as me, Bought 2 living social for this same Modern Canvas company and got the same run around!!Ordered in Oct, says"10 -15 business days" and still no communication!!!

iT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A GIFT FOR MY PARENTS FOR CHRISTMAS!!! will now contact Living Social for a refund!!

then will contact the local news consumer beat reporters!!!this is a scam!


9:55 AM (1 hour ago)

to me

We have refunded you the shipping.

You will need to get a refund from Living Social for your canvas.

If you continue making comments via Facebook, etc. you will recieve a letter from our attorney.

I am sorry that we could not service you better.

*This was the email I received from them after I left a bad review on Facebook on their page (mind you there was at least 5 other ones) So go voice your thoughts on them and get your money back! I also copied this to living social. I work in a law firm- nowhere was this at any point worth following a lawsuit. What a joke.


I had to raise a stink on facebook to get a refund!You need to.

Oh and Danny threatened a letter for my negative Facebook post!!

Trust me- I can do major damage to this company!GET YOUR MONEY BACK AND DO NOT TRUST!


I have had all the same problems.I had problems ordering and then never returned calls or emails.

After 4 weeks I still hadn't heard from them about my order. They finally stated it was ready and I made arrangements two separate times to meet he never showed. The second time I waited over 45 minutes. I even talked to him on the phone and he assured me he was coming.

He never showed up. I emailed he and told him to just ship it to me and I have not heard from him since.

He does not respond to calls or emails.Really bad customer service.


Same this company has horrible customer services, their website order form doesn't work, I actually drove to the address in American Fork, Utah and it is an empty lot! :(


I purchased this deal over 2 weeks ago.I sent an email as the site states.

I received an automatic reply stating that they were really busy and response time was 24-48 hours. It has been over 2 WEEKS!!! I sent multiple emails, phone calls, no response. I contacted living social support, and they have told me "they were working on contacting the business" - good luck.

I'm sure I wont hear from living social anytime soon either. What a waste!

Does living social screen the companies they use??Unhappy!


We are experiencing the same kind of issues.I purchased 3 groupon/living socail deals for canvases all 16x20.

He emailed told us the first one was done, told us what time to pick it up even. I got there to no canvas, along with at least 5 other people standing there with no canvases. He gave each one of us a different deal, as if we couldn't hear the deal of the other. So he was to print all 3 of mine and ship them to me, the next week.

He was only a couple days late with them. I was thinking this was a good sign. I opened my canvases to find all 3 are different sizes, none of them were the same and one was so crooked, it was bad. I sent him an email saying I was very unhappy, he never responded.

After 3 emails he finally said if we return them we can get a refund. So we did this. I got a refund on one of them, but groupon will not refund until they hear from him. We have tried another 3 emails for him to confirm he got the canvases and told this to groupon.

We are out $60 as of right now.I would not recommend him to anyone!!!

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